Welcome to Flippers Swim School. 

We hope you enjoy learning to swim with us in our indoor heated pool.  We do 1 on 1 lessons for all ages.  We assess each swimmer’s progress at the end of the term and award swimmers with a certificate (special sticker) 

Here are some guidelines to make this an enjoyable experience for all.  Should you have any input please do not hesitate to discuss it with us.


  • R100 - 1 on 1 lesson 15 minutes 

  • 15 minutes twice a week - R85 per lesson

  • R170 - 1 on 1 30 minutes 

  • 15 minutes is enough for a young beginner; 30 minutes is good for an older fit child learning strokes.    

  • Water babies (water awareness) R100 groups and 1 on 1 – see separate info sheet.


Booking Procedure:  The way it works is same as school extra murals.  You book a time slot and come every week at that time. Twice a week is recommended for quicker progress, it makes a huge difference. You need to commit to the term, or the remainder thereof. You will get invoiced for the term in advance, or part thereof. Please indicate at the end of the term if you will be continuing or not.  If you do not give notice, we will presume you are continuing and will be invoiced for the next term.  Please stick to the time slot you are given.  If you are late, we cannot accommodate you. 

Should you miss a lesson our policy is the lesson is forfeited. We do however sympathize that this cannot always be avoided i.e., illness and we will try make up the lesson if you can attend when we have a gap. Bear in mind this is done in our own time and as a favor, therefore only once a term to avoid the favor being abused. (make-ups will not be given if you forgot, it’s raining, you have a party or schedule an appointment in place of swimming,) we are committed to being here for you please respect this. Make-up lessons are not always possible.  No refunds are given for missed lessons, same as all school activities.

Deposit: We request a R400 deposit to paid with your first invoice for new swimmers. This will be deducted off your final invoice when you give notice. It is not refunded if you do not give enough notice.

Stick to the time slot you are given, if you are late, we cannot continue into the next swimmers slot or the allocated time for sanitizing.

Payment: invoices will be sent via email, and payment is expected before swimming starts.

Holidays: We occasionally take a break - public holidays, some long weekends, and December. Please check your invoice for the dates. You do not pay for missed lessons on these days.

Please ensure the Consent form is filled in correctly.

Swimming caps must be worn by all pupils, for hygiene reasons and to avoid hair in their eyes while swimming. I have caps – R50.

Goggles are optional. Ideally we are teaching water safety.  If your child falls into a body of water without goggles they need be comfortable, so learning without is best.  Sometimes it is easier to go under water with them on and then wean off them later, but some kids get dependent on them. It is your choice, think about your preference. I sell kids goggles for R120. I also have mine they can try before you invest, maybe they do not like them 😉  

I find learners perform better without parent involvement.  You could pretend to be reading or talking on your phone etc. or sit in the garden (but occasional help with discipline is appreciated).


Coronavirus Protocol: The pool is chlorinated and 32’c – the virus cannot survive in these conditions so being in the pool is safe.  Outside of the pool we need to be strict about limiting contact and follow the protocols:

  • Please only enter the pool area only in time for your lesson. 

  • Practice social distancing – preferably wait outside (in your car or the garden) weather permitting – if you are inside then only 1 parent/ caregiver please, wearing a mask all the time.

  • Sanitize your hands when arriving and leaving.

  • teachers wear a visor, I am fully vaccinated

  • limit use of the bathroom 

  • if you or your child has symptoms please cancel

  • the pool room is sprayed with sanitizer regularly 

we look forward to teaching your child to swim