booking procedure

We work on a month to month basis. We do not do once off drop in lessons. You can book
your timeslots to be repeated every week for the month, until you give your months notice. Or you can book
just a 5-day crash course (consecutive days). During school holidays we stop the monthly roster and holiday
crash course can be booked. You will not be invoiced for the holidays unless you have booked extra lessons.
Invoices are sent on registering and payment is expected for the month in advance. Missed lessons are forfeited.

Please give a full months notice if you decide to stop swimming. If you have not given notice we will presume
you are continuing and you will be invoiced.
We request a R100 deposit to paid with your first invoice for new swimmers. This will be deducted off your final
invoice when you give notice. It is not refunded if you do not give enough notice.
Stick to the time slot you are given, if you are late we cannot continue into the next swimmers slot or the
allocated time for sanitizing
Should you miss a lesson our policy is the lesson is forfeited – same as school, karate, ballet etc. We will
reschedule if you suspect Coronavirus/ are showing symptoms, but please let us know in advance. Make-ups
will not be given if you forgot, it israining, you have a play date or schedule an appointment in place of swimming.
We are committed to being here for you please respect this. The teachers are still paid even if you do not attend.