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Swimming Lessons from R450 per month

Welcome to Flippers Swim School, where individual attention means great progress.  We are a small independant swim school that cares for our swimmers.

Lesson structure and Prices per term:

Fees are calculated per term, with an option to pay monthly - based on 1 lesson per week.

During the term break we run a 5 day crash course as a booster or to refresh swim skills. This is not part of the term fees and is booked separately.

If you cannot commit to the term you pay the per lesson rate.

If you start med term you get billed pro rata for the remaining weeks of the term


If term fees are paid in advance, you get a R100 discount!

Learn to swim 

  • 1 on 1  - 15 minutes

R1350 per term (or split into 3 monthly payments of R450)

per lesson rate R150

  •  1 on 1 - 30 minutes  

R2420 per term ((or split into 3 monthly payments of R810)

per lesson rate R250



Term 1: 13 January - 22 March

Term 2: 2 April - 15 June

Term 3: 8 July - 21 September

Term 4: 30 September - 14 December

We are closed on Public Holidays

Missed Lessons: 

Your fees for the term are payable regardless of whether you attend or not. (same as your gym membership). However, we do acknowledge the inconvenience of having to miss a lesson, and will allow 1 catch up lesson per term IF you cancel at least 24 hours before and with a valid reason. Catch up lessons will be in the last week of the term, where we have available slots, and with the teacher that is available.

We look forward to teaching you the incredible skill of swimming.



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